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Are you a fan of wood floors, and do you want to use a flooring service for your installation project? Maybe you need an expert to repair your wood floors? Either way, CW Flooring Services is the company you should choose for the job. We are conveniently based in Downey, CA, and here is more about what we offer.

Our Services

Wood Floor Installation

Wood Floor Installation
Wood floors have gone from being a common component in residential projects to becoming the focal point of workplaces, restaurants, and hotels all over the world. Because of the versatility and variety of hardwood floors, there is now a wood flooring option suitable for any project. Wood floors, on the other hand, are a popular business flooring option. If you require assistance or guidance with floor installation, our team of wood & staircase installation service providers is always accessible to assist you with even the most difficult assignments.

Wood Floor Refinishing

Wood Floor Refinishing
Hardwood floors are stunning, especially when they're brand new and well-kept. Of course, the issue is to keep your floors looking great for years to come. Hardwood floors begin to reveal their age over time as a result of daily use and changes in interior design preferences. These signs are not something you want to see on your property as your floor matures. Scratches, dullness, and discoloration are examples of these symptoms. Fortunately, skilled hardwood restoration can help you get your floors back to their former glory.

Wood Staircase Installation

Wood Staircase Installation
Wood can successfully modify the ambiance of your living space when it is added to your commercial building. Bringing natural materials into a commercial area adds a touch of the outdoors, creates the appearance of space, and provides a more peaceful, natural, and organic environment for you and your guests. When it comes to the design and construction of these stairs, many experts have a wealth of experience. Our installers will provide you with the greatest expertise and help available.

Wood Floor Repair

Wood Floor Repair
Floor repair is an intriguing alternative for you if you have a limited budget or just want to spend carefully. Rather than having new flooring installed, you merely need to make the necessary repairs. If only a few slats of your wood floor are broken, for example, you'll simply need to replace those. It is advantageous and significantly less expensive! Furthermore, choosing us will provide you with competitive pricing. Let us help you enhance the appearance of your commercial property's wood floors!

Wood Floor Sanding

Wood Floor Sanding
Not all of the damage to the floor is visible. Not all potential sources of injury are obvious. Sanding not only removes existing damage but also prevents new problems from arising. Numerous issues can arise with a wooden floor, but ensuring that everything is safe and functioning properly can save us a lot of future trouble. As professional wood flooring installers, we also offer a professional wood floor refinish service.

How We Work

As a trustworthy flooring contractor, we offer sanding, refinishing, and more, using only high-quality tools, equipment, and a lot of precision. We make sure each installation project goes according to plan so we can easily make our clients happy with the end results. Contact us today!

Are you looking for a professional wood floor refinishing company in Downey, CA? CW Flooring Services is the one you should choose. Contact us today!

Client’s Testimonial

by T. Jameson on CW Flooring Services

I hired this company for a professional flooring service and they were so efficient on the refinishing process. Thanks to them, my floors look absolutely beautiful. Thanks a lot for the awesome results.

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