Let Our Professionals Take Care of Your Antique Wood Floor

Without a doubt, hardwood floors are stunning, fashionable, and inviting. The main drawback; however, is that they are incredibly delicate and prone to breakage, especially in areas with high foot traffic. A professional antique wood floor repair contractor must be hired as soon as a problem is discovered if you want to maintain your floors in beautiful shape. It’s a good thing that you already found us from CW Flooring Services since it means you won’t have to waste time hunting for knowledgeable wooden floor experts.

All Hardwood Issue Can Be Fixed by Us

We first opened our doors in Downey, CA ten years ago, and since then, we have developed into reputable flooring contractors who are regularly called to complete repairs of all kinds. We have the expertise and resources necessary to address issues like:

  • Split Wood
  • Cracked Wood

  • Gaps

  • Buckling

  • Cupped Floors

  • Warps

  • Peeling Finish

  • Sanding Blemishes

  • Water Damage

We can also replace planks at CW Flooring Services that have been heavily used and are worn out or that have finish residue from debris. Because we are aware of how delicate wood floors may be, we have completely designed our hardwood floor restoration service to meet the highest standards in the sector. After all, we’re not here to provide quick fixes; our aim is to permanently make your floor pristine.

Restore Your Antique Wood Floor‘s Lost Beauty

Our skilled flooring specialists plan and carry out all repair jobs. When they’re finished, you won’t be able to recognize your floor because all of the troublesome spots will have been fixed by our skilled workers. Booking with us won’t break the bank because we operate with costs that are affordable for any Downey, CA resident or business owner. Request a free quote from us to see for yourself.

Hire us today by calling (562) 267-5616! We are ready and eager to provide you with the hardwood floor repair service that you want and deserve to get!

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