Four Benefits of Professional Floor Sanding

Why You Should Hire Wood Sanding Specialists

If you wonder if the trouble and cost of sanding your floors are worth the effort, you should not hesitate. Wood floor sanding is not only beneficial, but it is also necessary for maintaining the hardwood beautiful. This is one of the simple home improvements you can make, and here are four benefits of doing it.

1. Erases Wear and Tear

As time passes, your beautiful hardwood flooring will show wear and tear signs. This can be due to furniture moving across the floor, general traffic, and temperature changes over the years. That will dull the shine and make the floors look old. The great thing about wood floor sanding is that it can be sanded and sealed again and again, and all the boards will look as good as they did the first time they were installed.

2. Reduces Splinters

When the protective finish wears off from the boards, they can start to splinter. The tiny splinters can get in people’s feet, and it is just not as safe as it should be. Sanding eliminates splinters, and when a protective shine coat is added to the boards, it prevents splinters from occurring again.

3. The Floors Get Easier to Clean

A sanded hardwood floor would be sanded and coated with a quality sealer that does not allow dirt and dust to accumulate or adhere to them as easily as when the luster has worn off. It is easier to keep the floors clean after they are sanded and sealed properly.

4. Increases the Value of the Home

Wood flooring is an investment in your home. Having beautiful hardwood floors can increase the market value of your property. Wear, tear, and gaps between the boards will reduce the market value of your home, and instead, it can be increased with prompt wood sanding.

Overall, wood floor sanding will bring beauty and value back to your home, and we hope this gave you insight on how to maintain your hardwood. If you are located in Downey, CA, CW Flooring Services is ready to assist you. Call us at (562) 267-5616 to book an appointment!

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